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Dr. Jennifer Larsen

Aloha. All are welcome here.

Now accepting Aetna and Cigna for Hawaii residents!

Virtual, secure, private and confidential mental health services for those in California and Hawaii.

Please note: I can accept Aetna and United Healthcare for CA residents. Private pay, superbill and sliding scale options open to all. 

(Also: I am NOT the Jennifer Larsen (MFT) in Santa Barbara. We have different specialties and accept different insurances.  Mahalo~~


Considering therapy?

Are you feeling lost? Stuck? Are you struggling with sadness, anxiety, or just feeling "not yourself"? Has your life taken a turn you didn't expect, or have you had a big change? Got some old "stuff" coming back to haunt you that you're not sure what to do with? Or just looking to make some changes?

These things happen to everyone, but not everyone takes the first step to take a look at them. And here you are! Welcome... I am happy to help you row this boat.

My Style

I provide collaborative, prescriptive strength-based therapy. I have training and experience in all areas of development, behavior and unconscious processes, but you don't fit in a box, so I don't put you in one: I work to meet your needs from a variety of approaches. You are the expert on your life, let me meet you there to help fill in the blanks. 

(Pictured here: My office assistant, Moo.)


I'll meet you there. 

Therapy is like a trip to a medical doctor. Let's say you're in pain and have an open wound- you'd like some help, right? Enter: me. I help you clean the wound, put some bandages on it, and it already feels better. But this is just the beginning. At this point you feel good enough to go back out into the world with your bandaged wound, but who's to say it won't open again to cause more discomfort? Now, since it is beginning to heal, the pain will have become manageable enough that you can choose to continue life with the bandages... or you can choose to have an in-depth surgery to identify the source of the wound, look at it and work with it, to forever stop the pain. Here is where our in-depth work can begin. You and I will go down the path to healing together, you will not be alone, and we can revisit any of the bandages whenever we need to.

It is my honor to be chosen to accompany you on this path. What will we find?


Who I Am

Born and raised in Hawaii, I received my undergraduate education from the University of Colorado at Boulder in Theory and Critique of Comparative Religions. I worked in the music industry for most of my young adult life, bouncing around California for a few years before landing in Los Angeles for graduate school where I obtained a doctorate degree in psychology. I have extensive experience in providing mental health services in different settings and various modalities since 2005, including inpatient and outpatient treatment, residential rehabilitation treatment, and school-based services, as well as clinical supervisory experience. 

I work well with motivated clients who want to explore their lives and find patterns, I help them work to change those that do not serve them and augment those that do. My clients are diverse, I love learning from them and meeting them where they're at to see how I can best support where they are and where they want to be.


Again, you do not fit in a box, and neither do I. I have received in-depth training through academic pursuits and work experience, however I am also a human being who has tried and failed, tried and succeeded, and continue daily to try to live my best life. I love to learn through experience. That being said, I do prefer some frameworks that I like to utilize to help you have your own best experience in therapy.

My theoretical orientation is prescriptive: I utilize mostly psychodynamic, person-centered, relational methods to get to know you and meet you where you're at. 




Religious Trauma

Psychedelic Journey Processing

Identity Exploration


Attachment Issues

Emotional Support Animal Documentation

Your Relationship with You


Not sure what you need?

Let's find out together! I am looking forward to getting to know you and seeing how I can fit into your life to help you live it the best way possible.

I help you look for patterns to disrupt or strengthen, I provide perspective, I am your challenger and your cheerleader. Your struggles become mine, and I take a personal interest in your goals and growth.

Besides talk therapy, I enjoy doing dream work, assisting in psychedelic processing, meeting and getting to know your inner child (and teenager), trauma processing, relationship issues, exploration of plant medicine, sexuality, codependency and attachment. I am sex positive, body positive, life experience positive.

But again, your therapy is not about me, on this site is a little taste of my interests and expertise. As I get to know you, you will get to know me as well; I have been told I use humor and real life to relate to you and help you look at your deepest and darkest in a safe and supportive environment.

Insurance Note:

I accept Aetna and Cigna for Hawaii residents and

Aetna and United Healthcare for California residents

Hawaii insurance pending, so only private pay for now


I provide relaxed Telehealth only.

Because of this, I have a flexible schedule including evenings.

Presently I am fully licensed in Hawaii and California. 

If you are a private pay client, I am happy to assess for sliding scale.

Feel free to reach out to discuss a schedule.


Now offering home visits for Kahala and Hawaii Kai residents.

Click the button now to schedule a free 20 minute Zoom meeting!

Another Note:

I am NOT the Jennifer Larsen (MFT) in Santa Barbara who is listed on many insurance sites. 

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